Translation is one of our key strengths. We deliver accurate, appealing copy that reads well and meets the respective needs of:

  • Corporate communications
  • Public relations
  • Advertising
  • Many other areas

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We go the extra mile to produce translations of exceptional quality. We work exclusively with academically trained professionals. Each order is handled by a two-person team of translator and proofreader. For 20 years we have developed and maintained a network of more than 300 translators who work into their native languages and meet our high demands in terms of style, textual understanding, and background knowledge. Our processes are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17100:2016-05.  

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You can’t try to translate in all fields and all languages, or quality will suffer. Textklinik therefore focuses on European and selected other languages. And while we’re at home in a range of fields, there are two in which we stand out especially: automotive and healthcare – industries that are of particular importance in Germany and around the world.

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