The professional proofreading of layouts and copy is one of our core services. We provide quality control before your text is printed, published online, or presented in any other form. Naturally, we also offer proofreading in foreign languages. To catch even the smallest mistake, we always apply the dual-control principle – that is, every text is read successively by two different proofreaders.

It looks like the text we sent you had a few snags in it, but you’ve smoothed them all out for us. You’re true to your name.

In proofreading we look at all the details, from grammar and spelling to consistent wording and correct page numbers. We also catch other glitches, like:

  • Wrong text versions
  • Double orders
  • Copy-paste mistakes
  • Factual errors

Text improvement

Clients also appreciate another Textklinik idea: combining proofreading with a style check to eliminate any linguistic flaws. If your text has been produced under time pressure and comes out muddled or clumsy, we can improve it according to your wishes so that it reads the way you want it to – including a thorough check of spelling and grammar, of course.

Thanks for being so fast. You saved my project.

Our planning, speed, and dependable pricing have made us something akin to an outside office for many of our clients. It starts with a friendly exchange by phone or email to determine your project’s requirements, and ends with punctual delivery – often before the agreed deadline.

And what about pricing?

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