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For 20 years now, Textklinik has been doing what it does best: proofreading, translating, writing, and improving copy, as well as providing complementary language- and text-related services. As a client, you can expect a lot from us, including a firm grasp of your goals and perspectives. We’re a company that can get a great deal done quickly, without losing sight of the bigger picture.

How do you do it all?

Our proofreading, translation, and copywriting staff are, without exception, linguistic specialists with academic training and the requisite professional experience. In addition, we have a network of more than 300 native speakers who work to the same rigorous quality standards.

I’m so glad you’re our ‘extra brain’!

Our principle: it has to be fast, but can never be hasty. Many of our projects are urgent, complex, or cost-sensitive – or typically a little of each. So we’ve developed workflows and solutions that relieve you of unnecessary concerns and ensure a smooth working relationship. That’s Textklinik!

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